Brazil 200

Two centuries of Independence and 180 years of relations with Norway

Sentralen Oslo AS

Oct 31 - Nov 02

What is Brazil 200?

2022 marks the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s declaration of independence and 180 years of commercial relations between Brazil and Norway. To celebrate it, the Brazilian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is presenting this exclusive event to show the best of Brazilian culture.

Brazil 200 will take place at Sentralen, in Oslo. The 3-days event will bring to you a high standard of content curation focused on Business, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, and Sustainability. Join us!

Why attend?

business & travel

Build connections and new business opportunities.

fashion & sports

Join workshops brought by a renowned partner.

social & environment

Meet NGOs making the world a better place.

music & food

Experience Brazilian music and get a taste of traditional food.

art & dance

Feel Brazil’s genuine pulse with eye-catching performances.

Alfredo Andersen

Visit an exclusive exhibition of the Norwegian painter who settled down in Brazil in 1893.

Free Entry. Confirm your participation and receive program updates.

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